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Rev Les Clark - Happy Birthday!

Rev. Les Clark became Pastor of this church when we were still Bethel Baptist, worshipping in a small chapel in Redmore Road. From the inception of our church we have been a part of the Old Baptist Union (OBU) a group of churches who wholly believe in the Word of God and who seek to follow Christ as instructed throughout Scripture.

Les Clark was instrumental in organising our move to our current building in June 1956. It was an amazing answer to prayer that our small community of believers could afford such a building; we continue to thank God for His amazing provision. We became Dalling Road Evangelical Church - our name had changed, but our God, our congregation and our message was the same.

Rev. Les Clark remained our Pastor for the next forty years, preaching faithfully each Sunday morning and evening, leading the prayer meeting and discipling us all.

For several years, Les was on the executive committee of the Youth department of the OBU and his claim to fame was conducting choruses at conferences and monthly times of fellowship with our churches in London, Luton and the south of England. He was the President of the Old Baptist Union for many years and preached at all our churches across England and Wales during this time.

At the time, we could not afford to pay a Pastor and therefore, Pastor Clark worked full time in ‘secular’ employment, mainly as a buyer and at his last position, he was the purchasing manager. I will never know how he had the energy to hold down two full time jobs at the same time! I know he would say ‘it was all of God’.

Les retired from the Pastorate at Hammersmith at the end of 1992. Although he continues to minister at his church in Hampshire from time to time and visits us VERY regularly.

This month, Les will celebrate his 99th birthday. He is a visiting speaker at our church – I’m sure he will break the record of being the oldest preacher we’ve ever had!

You are invited to join us on Sunday 26th February to hear what God has to say to us through Les and to share fellowship with us.

By Aline Fynn

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