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Nothing like an old photo!

By Ron Bryant

This photo was taken in June 1956 as members of a Baptist Church in Redmore Road took a leap of faith by moving into larger premises previously occupied by a Methodist congregation on the corner of Furber Street and Dalling Road.

To the best of my knowledge just two of the people seen in this photograph are still with us. Les Clark was the Pastor in 1956 and remained in that position for around 40 years. As a church we recently celebrated his 99th birthday when Les returned to the pulpit and preached the Gospel.

His nephew, and writer of this blog, can be seen centre stage, left of the two in short trousers!! This photo has always been very special to me for a variety of reasons, and within this building, I was baptized as a teenager, I was married in 1970, I was a member of The Beacons a guitar group in the 1960’s and later a member of New Dawn originally an all female group until I joined!

Last year I returned after quite a few years absent, having been diagnosed with High Grade Prostate cancer and felt the need of prayer support. I am very grateful for the welcome and support I received and can testify that after 20 sessions of radiotherapy, the news from Mount Vernon was excellent.

I am very grateful to God for hearing and answering prayer.

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