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The Empty Tomb.

Who was the famous politician who said, in the 1960’s, A week is a long time in politics? I have another quiz question at the end. If any of you get them both right a delicious easter egg is on its way!

The quote is certainly thought-provoking and seems to fit the ups and downs of life. Recently I was sent a similarly thoughtful post on Facebook, A Lot Can Happen In Seven Days. This captures the historical reality of Holy Week with 4 symbols:

· PALM-Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

· CROWN…of thorns-He is put on trial…tortured…killed…on a…

· CROSS-what Good Friday is all about

· EMPTY TOMB-the stone is rolled away…the body is gone…Jesus is risen!

And here’s my second famous quote, from the 1960’s, All political lives…end in failure. I bring this in to close because many people see the Lord Jesus like that…a political revolutionary whose death brought the hopes of His great mission to a brutal end. But His was not a political mission. Rather, He came to achieve GOD’s eternal plan. This involves salvation from sin, bringing people into the heavenly kingdom. Jesus’ death on the cross was the mission; He was completely successful in what He came to do, evidenced by the empty tomb and the reality that Jesus was and is alive!

I would like to send you an easter egg if you successfully answer my little quiz! Much, much more I want you to experience GOD’s power and love this Easter, which flows from the perfect and successful Saviour as He forgives all who turn to Him…

Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures…he was buried…he was raised on the third day…1 Corinthians 15:3-4

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