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STEP by STEP Course

A 12 week course, based on the Bible, to help people to find out more about the central message of Christianity. The full title is Step by Step to Knowing God and this sums up the content and goal of the course.


We begin with basics, such as:

  1. What is God like?…

  2. What is Man like?…

  3. the person and work of Jesus Christ.


There are some final sessions on practical subjects, such as prayer, the Bible, the church, etc..


Each section is split up into 6 daily studies over a week.


The live broadcast on our YouTube channel typically lasts 15-20 minutes.

It is presented in a relaxed question and answer style exploring different facets of the subject for the week.


No prior knowledge is assumed and it is hoped that for interested seekers it will help to build up a bigger picture about God that will lead to a personal knowledge of God.

Click the drop down menu to see the videos for each week.

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