When I think about God's amazing LOVE in giving His only Son to die on the Calvary's cross to rescue us from eternal punishment, then I realize how worthwhile it is to serve Him wholeheartedly.

Hammersmith Christian Fellowship have been sponsoring Edwin through Compassion, for over two years. Edwin is an eight year old child from the Dominican Republic. It is a delight to see the church's people commited to pray for him, his family and friends, and giving their finances with generosity - helping him and his family to get out of poverty, enabling him to get an education for a better future.

I am absolutely thrilled to keep supporting and encouraging Edwin as I write him letters, birthday cards and special occasion greetings, and I am sure he will treasure them all! It has been such a wonderful and exciting journey and for sure is worth it!

Our great desire is that Christ will come to the heart of this family bringing joy and peace as they trust in Jesus!!


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