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London at War (part 3)

London at War (part 3)

I want to take you back in time to 7th November 1943. I was at home with my parents thinking it will soon be time to go to the trolley-bus depot in Hammersmith Broadway where Dorothy was a conductor. She was due to finish work about 9.30pm but about 9.o'clock we heard an enormous explosion and said “coo that was close”. I went to the depot and waited outside for quite a long time, but Dorothy didn't come out. Eventually I asked an inspector if she had been seen and I was told that a Nazi bomb had exploded in Putney High Street, which was on Dorothy's route and had been dropped around the time she was due in Putney!! I am sure you can imagine, I went there as fast as I could and saw devastation. The bomb was a direct hit on the Cinderella Dance Hall, packed with young people. I believe 81 were killed. After I had asked several bus personnel, I was told that her driver had been given orders to take their bus back to either Mitcham or Tooting – I don't remember which! I waited for her bus to return, so thankful to God for His loving protection. Dorothy told me that she was so annoyed at being sent on that final journey instead of going back to the depot, after the trauma of the bomb (which she had actually seen coming down!), she would not collect any more fares from passengers! Here we are seventy seven years later facing a more sinister enemy in Covid -19. When did we last praise the Lord for His care and protection over us?

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