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London at war (part 2).

London at war (part 2).

Whereas part one of this series of blogs introduced us to the day war broke out and turned out to be a false alarm, the very vivid memory I want to try

and share here brings us into the very heart & centre of the action. I cannot be sure but I believe the date was either 7th September 1940 or 29th December 1940. It was a Saturday evening and I was enjoying a romantic walk with Dorothy my wife to be! We made our way towards the river Thames and as we approached Barnes Bridge we noticed how red the sky had become. We knew it wasn't a gorgeous sunset so we assumed it was being caused by the Nazi Air Force, officially known as “the Luftwaffe”. As we paused walking at the centre of the bridge we both looked down at the river and, believe me I am not exaggerating, it really looked like a RIVER OF BLOOD! Looking upwards the sky seemed to be flickering and it became obvious that London was on fire! We learned later on the radio (TV had not yet been invented), that the Nazis had attacked London's East End and docks with incendiary bombs, the many, many blazing fires were totally cancelling out the “black-out” which the Government had enforced since the beginning of the war. The following day we learned that General Goering, head of the Nazi Air Force, planned to follow up the incendiaries with wave after wave of high explosive bombs causing vast devastation and death, bringing Britain to it's knees and the war to an end! That was THEIR PLAN! I just cannot remember whether it was King George 6th, the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury or Winston Churchill who called the Nation to gather for “nights of prayer” (10.00pm till 6.00am) in the blitz, so we were figuratively already on our knees! Praise God! Now, whether Goering knew or cared about our prayers I don't know, but what I DO know is what actually happened on that Saturday evening! Can you believe it? A thick layer of fog suddenly enveloped Germany, making it impossible for the bombers to leave the ground!! Hallelujah!! Is anything too hard for our Amazing, Awesome God?? NEVER! NEVER!! Praise His GLORIOUS NAME!! Amen.

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