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London at War (part 10) January.

In March 2021 I asked Laura If she would like me to write a series of twelve monthly blogs on London at war. You may be glad to know “the end is near”.

You may have wondered how it feels to be caught up in an air-raid? The Nazis used four different types of bomb; 1) Incencendiary, causing devastating damage by fire. 2) High explosive, causing widespread damage & death. 3) Doodlebug, highly destructive, but at least we did get a few seconds warning while the engine droned, and 4) Cruise missile V2 deployed towards the end of the war. The “blitz” on London (and other U.K. Cities) was a mixture of 1 & 2, although I, personally, was only involved with the high explosive variety! On 29th December Lesley & I stayed up rather late to watch a recording of what is possibly my favourite film of all time,

“The Glenn Miller Story” which shows towards the end a wonderful shot of a doodlebug in flight then it's engine cutting out before exploding while the band kept playing throughout. The only warning of the high explosive bomb was an errie, ear-piercing weeeeeee becoming louder as the bomb drew nearer. From my personal experience the worst was the V2. It gave no warning at all – just “BOOM” and it was down! One historian has recorded that if the Nazis had invented the V2 earlier they would have won the war. If my memory is correct, the very first V2 fell in Chiswick, quite close to our present home.

This all reminds me of the verse in the Bible which tells us that the 2nd coming of Jesus will be like the “blinking of an eye”, see 1Corinthians 15. Like the V2 it seems as though it will be sudden, without warning, yet the Bible warns us so many times to be

ready and prepared for this glorious world-changing event. Jesus is there preparing a place for all who are looking forward to His coming. Can you join me in singing this chorus?

O that will be glory for me, glory for me, yes glory for me

when by His grace I shall look on His face, that will be glory, be glory for me.

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