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Lockdown through the eyes of a 9 year old girl

Lockdown Through The Eyes of

Georgina Baker

A 9 Year Old Girl

When I first heard about lockdown, I thought that it would be for about two/three days then everything would be finished and back to normal. In reality, it went on and on and on. It was also super boring.

Before quarantine when I thought of lockdown I though of jail. Now I think of Covid 19. I was really upset when I knew all of my friends would not be around for a while and we couldn’t see each other.

In the first lockdown I was super annoyed that I had to have home schooling. I usually like going to school but not doing it at home. I was NOT looking forward to it. To me it was as boring as watching paint dry. I especially liked the weekend. I was super duper happy excited and full of joy when we went back to school after the first lockdown. We were off school again for a second time which upset me because I really enjoyed being there. The school was very different from the last time we went back but it was still good to be there. I will be so excited and happy when all of this is over because I will be able to see and hug my friends.

I am also really happy that people have had the vaccine because they won’t be unsafe any more. I am also happy that it is stopping the spread of Covid 19. During the time I was at school the last time I had to have two Covid 19 tests, they were both negative, but they really hut. The one they do in your nose felt like it was going to pop my eye out and the one in my mouth made me feel sick.

Now I am waiting for life to get back to normal and we can all enjoy being together again.

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