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Life in Lockdown for Our Very Own Captain Tom!!!

I had a great conversation today with our former Pastor Les Clark, who is our very own Captain Tom. Here is what he had to say:

“Now that I am 96 I find I cannot do things I could at 56; snooker, golf, swimming, running, gardening etc. They are all either past memories or becoming increasingly difficult.

When I saw Captain Tom walking around his garden I wondered how many laps I could manage around my garden.

With the aid of two walking sticks I managed 10 laps (about a month ago). On 31st of May 2020 I thought I would try again but this time I had the help of a walking aid like Captain Tom did. I wondered if any of my friends would like to sponsor me to raise much needed funds for Hammersmith Christian Fellowship.

I began my walk and completed 12 laps, hoping sponsorship may raise £50. Your willing generosity has reached in excess of £100 with a few more sponsors giving amounts I have not yet been told about.

So thank you all so much.

I have a few years before I catch up with Captain Tom but I am so grateful to God for the help and strength He gives me. I am not really jealous of Moses, see Deuteronomy 34 v7!

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8 v10.”

Thank you HCF Captain, we salute you! See the video below to see Les in action!

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