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Life in Lockdown for a Nurse…

You clap for me on a Thursday evening… well ok, you don’t clap for me personally, but you clap for the NHS!

All over the country doctors, nurses and social care workers have begun to be recognised for the medical contribution they are making to helping the country cope with this virus. Most of us like the clapping.We have eaten quite a few free meals during our shifts and of course now the buses are free to get us to work!

But of course, we have experienced Covid-19 in a unique way. In the workplace we must wear equipment to protect us, yet often it hasn’t been there. When it is, it is hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. We have lost patients we know well to this disease and we mourn colleagues. The way we do our jobs has changed and will probably never be the same again; there has been fear and confusion on the faces of my colleagues…and we don’t know if a second wave will come.

Medical professionals have made sacrifices that may go unseen. Many of us have had to distance ourselves from our own loved ones inside our homes to protect them. Some of my colleagues have moved out temporarily to shelter their families from the risk of bringing Covid-19 home. We have worked longer hours and worked more often. Our families have worried about us intensely.

Yet I can see God’s protection over myself. Myself and two colleagues were exposed to Covid-19 through a patient and we were not wearing any PPE. My colleagues contracted Covid-19 but I did not.

God has provided a bike for me to get to work to avoid using overcrowded public transport.

My wife and I have got into new routines to read the Bible together to learn more of

God’s peace.

I have remained well, as have my family.

What I have learnt is that God is the only one you can trust in. You cannot put your trust in man, which was really highlighted to me through the lack of PPE. God has been my armour, my protector and my Saviour. We like to think we know what the future holds and how things will shape up, but we don’t know and this is okay. God protects us, strengthens us and it is only in Him we should trust.

And what does this trust look like, it’s not a “happy go lucky” approach to life, I still wear my PPE, I am still concerned about the impact on my family, if I do not stay safe in work. I am still deeply saddened by the loss of patients and staff. But ultimately I know God is in controI. I must rely on Him alone and we will get through this, I don’t claim to know how or why but I know God knows and that is what matters!!

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