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Harvest at HCF

Our church congregation is made up of many people from many walks of life, but

none of us are farmers! We still, however, have a harvest celebration at HCF. This

year we marked the occasion on 2 nd October 2022. Why did we do this?

Traditionally, harvest is an annual celebration of food grown on the land from the

crops which have been safely harvested. From a Christian perspective, Christians all

over the world thank God for His provision of food and remind themselves that God

made the world and everything in it. The harvest festival in churches began in 1843

when Reverend Robert Hawker introduced a harvest festival to his Morwenstow

Church in Cornwall, a thanksgiving service to which people brought fruits and

vegetables they had grown and distributed to the parish poor.

However, do we see harvest in the Bible? Yes, we do. There are two feasts

mentioned in the Bible which are linked to harvest – Shavout which is linked to the

first fruits of harvest and Sukkot which marks the end of the harvest. Further, Exodus

23 v 16 says: “You shall keep the feast of ingathering at the end of the year, when

you gather in from the field the fruit of your labour’”

So, what did we do at HCF? We decorated a table at the front of the church and

those of us who attend HCF regularly brought donations for the local food bank. We

thanked God for His provision for us and prayed for those who will receive the food


By Sisir Kanjilal

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