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A TALE OF 3 MONARCHS…Christmas, 2022

For some reason at Christmas themes of Royalty are everywhere. Perhaps more than ever this is the case at the end of a year where Monarchy has featured in our lives in many powerful ways.

We’ve said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II. She has been there for as long as all of us can remember. We have been deeply grateful for the longevity of her reign, and also the quality of it. She indeed was our noble, gracious Queen. She showed us a life dedicated to GOD and the service of the Nation and Commonwealth. She kept her Coronation vow. And she did it all as a follower of Christ.

Also, we now have a new Sovereign. Some have had their doubts about Prince Charles transitioning to King. But he seems to have made a good start in many ways. We look forward to his Coronation in the new year. Of course there is turbulence at the moment within the royal family. Let’s not forget these people are frail human beings, just like the rest of us. Pride, jealousy, vanity, etc, are an ever-present and destructive force in them as for us all. King Charles III and his family need our prayers for wisdom and grace in the coming days.

But of course the main theme of Royalty we celebrate at this time of the year is to do with the coming of the “new born King” we sing about in the familiar carols. Perhaps this comes out most wonderfully in the story of the Magi. They came from the east searching for the “king of the Jews.” They didn’t find Him in the palace or temple in Jerusalem. They didn’t find Him in the hearts of the people and priests of Israel, largely indifferent. They found only duplicity and rage in the attitude of King Herod. But GOD leads all those who truly seek the true King of Heaven. And despite the strange, deeply humble circumstances of His birth they do find this Heavenly Babe…and they bowed and worshipped Him-Matthew 2:11

Whatever Monarchs we have on earth…coming and going, through life and death…experiencing the ups and downs of scandals, squabbles, etc…we can be sure that there is one True King who is strong and trustworthy, and will never let us down. Let us therefore look to King Jesus again this Christmas time…and like the Magi long ago truly worship Him!

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only GOD, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen. 1 Timothy 1:17

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