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Romania Mission - St. Giles Trust

The mission was a real blessing for everyone praise God.

The vehicle was absolutely full and praise God we had no problems during the journey to Romania in fact crossing into Romania late at night was the quickest I think we have ever got through no questions just welcome. We arrived in Cluj – Napoca on Monday afternoon and were met by Liviu Bocaniala my translator. We then drove to the house of Ligia Baic and unloaded the two knitting machines and the accessories. She is a lovely young lady who is married to a young man Cristi whom I ministered to many years ago. When Liviu called Ligia to ask if she would be interested in the knitting machines she asked him Liviu are you reading minds now? As just this moment I have been searching the internet for knitting machines. Ligia said that she has a friend who lives at the city rubbish tip who maybe interested in having one of the machines. I have asked Liviu to keep in touch and let us know how things work out. Tuesday morning early we drove with Liviu to the village of Iclod about 50 kilometres from Cluj. We visited sister Shari Kosomos a dear lady who has been widowed for 38 years. Shari is blind in one eye and has partial sight in the other she has severe diabetes and injects with insulin each day. She has many other health issues and has undergone 10 operations. Shari lives alone and is housebound. She was delighted to see us and we were able to share the Word with her and I had the privilege of leading in the Lord's Supper something Shari misses very much. On leaving Shari we then drove all the way down to Sigishoara a medieval city towards the end of Transylvania. About 10 kilometres outside Sigishoara is the village of Shoard. This is where Augustin and Dana Ilies are serving the Lord. This is a gypsy village of 2000 plus people who are extremely poor. There is no water supply in the village. Augustin and Dana have been able to begin building a Community Centre in the back garden of their home. Included in the building is a Church kitchen and as they have a well in the garden they are putting in toilets and showers. Their vision is to reach out to the community with the love of Jesus and of course His Word. Each week they prepare a meal for the village children who come after school. The building is up and the Church is in use but they are praying for the Lord's continued provision for a boiler and for a cooker to be able to cook the food on the premises. Augustin and Dana are a wonderful couple who clearly love the Lord and desire to serve Him. I was most taken with the fact when we first met them that they shared about how God had led them and how He had and was providing for them and the work. At no time did they ever mention themselves or their family. This is rather unusual as I have found many people during my time in Romania who are always talking about what they do not have. Not so this couple. We were able that day to unload all of the aid which was in the vehicle and place in it storage rooms ready for distribution. Augustin and Dana are planning to have a special day of praise to God in the next week or so when they will distribute all that God has provided. Wednesday we went back to visit Augustin and Dana and spent some time talking with them and trying to make a small video. We then witnessed Augustin and Dana feeding the children as the came from school what a joy. Thursday we were due to leave and head towards the border stopping to visit pastor Traian Iuga and his family. Unfortunately I took very ill during the night and was unable to travel. Friday not feeling great we set off. We were able to see pastor Traian and his wife Elana but only for a very short time as I was still feeling ill. We arrived in Hungary that evening but as I was now feeling bad again we stopped at the first place we could find. Saturday and Felix has now become unwell also having the same bug or virus that I had. But God is good and He directed us to a wonderful place in Germany on Saturday evening Sunday we made it back to Dunkirk for the ferry. We had been a little concerned about getting there due to all the protest in France but God is in control and He brought us home safely. So, we praise God for His goodness for His provision and for His leading and guiding on yet another wonderful mission. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed in whatever way to the ongoing work in Romania. Thank you for your practical support and most of all for your prayers. With the financial gifts that were received God has provided the following Finance to build and install a well in the village of Shoard Finance to feed the children of the village Finance to assist in purchasing a cooker Finance to assist Augustin and Dana Ilies A small financial gift to Liviu Bocanial for all his help with translation and leaving his wife at home when they just received the news she is expecting their first child. Finance for the making of 500 DVD's And Finance to sister Shari Kosomos to help with her monthly medication bills. What a wonderful God we serve how gracious He truly is. All here wish to thank you for all that you continue to do for those dear souls in Romania May God bless indeed With love in Jesus Andy & Ann PS: Felix has just become a trustee       

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